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About Requiem Nex
Requiem Nex is a hardcore guild aimed at conquering the top 10% of the content that Age of Conan has to offer.
We are made of veteran players and their friends, and we are a mixed PVE and PVP guild.

Requiem = Funeral Song
Nex = Slaughter violently
Requiem Nex = Slaughter Song for the dead.

Raid Leaders

Raid Leaders: Scaevacas, Ripyou, Witchaven, Malgal, Ggogi, Booklet

See Calendar above for raid schedule. We raid in both US and Oceanic times.

PVP Rules of Engagement
  • If a guildy is in bori and they ask you to stop harassing their group, you are expected to honor that request.
  • In Minigames, if you are 2 caps up and take your own flag to your own res pad for the intention of farming kills, you will get a temporary kick from guild (48 hours).
  • Solo PvP 1 vs 1 is encouraged, but is so rare in the open world that sticking to a group is more survivable and fun. Solo PvP opportunities / dueling should be honored i.e. avoid overwhelming odds and create a fair environment.

Kickable Offenses
  • Mature play style is key to being part of Requiem Nex i.e. you can be removed from guild for being an asshole, disrespecting/insulting guild leadership, acting immature or being a drama queen.
  • We are a very multicultural guild with numerous countries and languages represented and anti-racial comments are not welcome.
  • If we discover that you cannot learn or be taught to do your job because you are just that terrible, you'll be kicked.

Guild management
OFFICERS: Barbardos, Ripyou, Spewie, Witchaven, Yaszmina, Yyema

We are actively building the three following raid time zones:

  • US EST 10pm
  • AUS/NZ/Oceanic nights 8:30pm NZ, 6:30pm Sydney, 4:30pm WA, 01:30am US Pacific (los angeles)
  • AUS/NZ/Oceanic nights 7:30pm Western Australia / 9:30pm Queensland / 10:30pm Sydney

Guild Rankings
  • Aspirant: Trial members, and players that have not yet proven themselves as good contributors to the guild
  • Vassal: No longer in trial period, and proven contributors to the guild. (standard level in guild)
  • Squire: Helpful and regular participants in guild activities and content. We expect these people to be able to lead content occasionally.
  • Knight: Well respected members that have excelled in the guild and provide direction and generate content for the guild. Possible candidates for officers in the guild. Expected to lead PVE and PVP content regularly.
  • Commandant: Guild officers and leadership.
Guild Promotional Videos (thanks to HenryX)
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